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FULL DAY @£895

A full day of driving with PureMotion Motorsport is a truly exceptional experience.  You will have 6 x 12 minute driving sessions throughout the day, enabling you to build your confidence with the car and perfect your racing lines.  You will come away having learnt new skills and with a real appreciation of how to handle the speed and G Forces of our Radical SR3 RS supercars. Your instructor will provide tuition and guidance throughout to maximise your on-track performance and bring out the race driver in you.
To provide the perfect end to your Experience, your instructor will take you for hot laps around the circuit and present you with full HD in-car video footage of your driving sessions and a PureMotion Motorsport t-shirt.  
You can choose from a range of world famous race circuits and we keep group numbers to a maximum of four people to maximise your seat time.